Mexico 2012

Mom,Dad,Stefi and, I made to Mexico. We had a great flight down to Mexico.
Had chicken tacos for lunch today. ( YUM )

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Music in the Park

Today my family and I played and sang in the park today. Every Wed. we pack everything   then drive down to the park and get set up. My family and I have a fun time playing, until it gets too hot.


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Today Sweetie ( Black Lab) went to a new family, hopefully she will be happy there. Here are some pics of her when we first met her.

Miss you Sweetie. 🙁


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Baby Caden.

Here are some pictures of Kelly, Tony, & Caden.

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Mother’s Day!

Today I heard/saw my Mom play at The Camp Robber, then we went to the movies w/ grandma. It was fun to be with the two most wonderful,nice,took care of me Mothers.
So I hope everyone had a wonderful time on Mother’s Day.

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Today is Febuary 2, 2011.

I attended a Mexican School for 4 weeks, it is alot different then most schools I attended. It is like HGAS (Holy Gardining Angel School) except with no nuns. It´s an interesting experince for my sister Stefi (at a different school) and I. This is a way for us to learn Spanish, since we only now a little bit of spanish. I have made some friends that do and don´t speck english, I have ´bout 7 or 8 classes.

                                                     Wish me Luck!


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Merry Christmas, Niki!

We have created your own personal website for you to explore and learn!  We love you!

Mom & Dad

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